A random collection of accessibility-focused tools that you might find at least partially useful

Role Reverser

What's all this, then?

As noted in Steve Faulkner's article, HTML Developers: Please consider–in the year 2021,if you find yourself using the role attribute to indicate to a browser what a thing on the page is, you're probably better off using something else. This tool takes your role-heavy markup and transforms offending HTML elements into fine, upstanding semantic markup.

Examples of markup transformed using the Role Reverser tool

You can also use this bookmarklet version to run against any web page: Role Reverser. Just drag this link to your favourites/bookmarks and run it when you want to.

Some music news ...

Oh yeah, I also put together an album of electronica/synthy stuff that you might like. Equally, you might hate it, but you can give it a quick preview here to make your mind up:

Will be available on Apple Music/Spotify on 22 July 2024.

Also available here: