A random collection of accessibility-focused tools that you might find at least partially useful

Generators & Diagnosis Tools

GitHub Repos

Text Expansion macros

Possible time-savers that you can use with macOS app Keyboard Maestro, with the built-in macOS Text Replacements feature or TextExpander.

WCAG text expansions are all up-to-date with WCAG 2.2 SCs.

Trigger format (same for all text expansion repos above)

Note: the "Open in browser" is specific to Keyboard Maestro, is not available for TextExpander or with the macOS Text Replacements.

Automator apps (macOS)

Apps that you may find useful for creating/managing resource directories for audits. Note that you can open them in Automator app to edit/customise to your own needs.

Other ... stuff

Some music news ...

Oh yeah, I also put together an album of electronica/synthy stuff that you might like. Equally, you might hate it, but you can give it a quick preview here to make your mind up:

Will be available on Apple Music/Spotify on 22 July 2024.

Also available here: