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Ian Lloyd presenting at State of the Browser 2023. The slide on screen features two old adverts, one of them relating to patterns, the other accordions. The slide reads 'Patterns are cool!'

Accessibility Is Easy … Except for When It Isn’t

State of the Browser 11, Barbican Centre, September 2023

You get a long way to making your web site or application accessible by keeping things simple. Instead of creating components from scratch, with all the extra complications that it entails along the way, you could easily use a native HTML element that takes care of things for you automatically. But sometimes it's not as simple as that. Not everything that you might need to build on your site has a ready-made solution in the form of an HTML element or a recognised and documented pattern. Sometimes, things can get a little more tricky.

Ian Lloyd takes some time out from the auditing frontlines to show some examples of more complicated interfaces and explains:

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